Smart LED headlights ensure driving safety


As the weather gradually gets colder, winter comes quie […]

As the weather gradually gets colder, winter comes quietly. Weather conditions such as rain and snow, foggy weather, and longer nights have restricted the lighting conditions of car headlights. Many drivers cannot correctly judge road and vehicle conditions, and driving safety is threatened.

Then, how to solve the above problems, smart headlight technology will help. Next, let us understand how smart headlights give car lights smart "eyes" and "brains".

What is a smart headlight?

Smart headlights are a kind of intelligent headlighting system, which is one of the important components of the car's active safety system (that is, accident prevention). It can improve the visibility under heavy rain or snowstorm. Its function is to digitally delete the captured images. Rain and snow stripes directly improve visibility, can cope with different types of precipitation or snowfall, and maintain more than 90% of the light throughput.

The information provided by various sensors in the intelligent headlight system is processed by the computer to adjust the light state. Its purpose is to change the shape of the light, its relative intensity and the direction of illumination according to different weather conditions (such as rain, heavy fog, snow) and vehicle speed, road geometry, and traffic density.

The intelligent control of automobile headlights frees the driver from the complicated operation of light control and devotes more energy to the driving of the car.

What are the technical advantages of smart headlights?

With the continuous advancement of automotive lighting technology, especially the popularization of LED light sources and a large number of technological innovations in the field of sensors and algorithm processing, intelligent headlight systems have become the most advanced headlight systems for automobiles.

At night, in rain and snow, the driver mainly relies on the headlights to see the road. However, the nighttime lighting of ordinary headlights is not ideal, such as rain, snow and other weather, the visibility will often be greatly reduced, causing great harm to driving safety. The intelligent headlight system can intelligently analyze and distinguish different scenes such as vehicles in front, oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, etc., relying on the intelligent control core, automatically adjust the lights on or off, adjust the range of light exposure, avoid vehicles or pedestrians, when the driver is not needed Realizing the self-control function under intervention conditions to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians is undoubtedly the best solution for driving safety at night and in rain and snow.

What is the market outlook for smart headlights?

Based on the advantages of smart headlights with high beam assistance, smart blind spot intervention and lane departure warning functions, the global automotive smart headlights market is growing rapidly.

In recent years, the continuous tightening of energy-saving and emission-reduction regulations in my country and the continuous popularization of new energy vehicles have further increased the penetration rate of LEDs with higher light efficiency. The advantages of smart headlights over traditional car lights have been highlighted, and the application rate will continue to increase in the future . At the same time, consumers have higher and higher requirements for automotive lighting, and the process of automotive intelligence and Internet is constantly advancing. Smart headlights can intuitively enhance the intelligence of cars, which is highly compatible with the current trend of driverless and autonomous driving technology.

As an intelligent system system for the future development of smart cars and new energy vehicle lighting, smart headlights have broad market prospects, rich technical reserves and unlimited innovation space, and are worthy of investment and deployment in advance.

Conclusion: Intelligent headlight system is the soul of the car, the eyes of the car.