Power saving methods for subway lighting


Nowadays, rail transit is a "good medicine" to solve th […]

Nowadays, rail transit is a "good medicine" to solve the problem of urban traffic congestion. As the "main artery" that supports the normal operation of the city, the energy consumption of the subway has been rising during the construction and operation process, and it is a veritable big energy consumer.
In the subway system, the lighting system is an important factor causing energy waste. According to statistics, the lighting system of rail transit accounts for about 13% of the overall power consumption of the subway system. With the longer the mileage of the national rail transit, the greater the energy consumption, and the subway operation is under great energy pressure!

For example, in the following scenes, lighting control needs to be done:

1) Energy saving of station advertising lighting

Where advertising light boxes are installed in station halls or entrances and exits, lighting design calculations should take into account the impact of advertising lighting on public area lighting, so as to minimize the number of lighting fixtures. After the train is out of service, turn off the advertising lighting light boxes at the station to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

2) Energy saving of tunnel lighting

Interval tunnels should be equipped with working lighting and emergency lighting. When the train is running, the tunnel only has emergency lighting, which facilitates the evacuation and escape of passengers in emergency situations, and also facilitates the driving of the driver, which indirectly achieves the purpose of energy saving. When the maintenance operation is out of service, the working lighting in the section tunnel can be turned on.

3) Set the station lighting power saving operation mode

According to different uses and passenger flow in different time periods, the station hall and platform lighting have set up 5 intelligent lighting modes under the premise of ensuring illuminance and safety, respectively, holiday peak mode (light or illuminance on 100%), weekdays Peak mode (light or illuminance on 80%), low peak mode (light or illuminance on 50%), cleaning mode (light or illuminance on 30%), shutdown mode (light or illuminance on 0%).

In addition, compared with traditional lighting fixtures, LED has the advantages of high energy saving, green environmental protection, strong earthquake resistance, and strong stability in rail transit applications. Sanxiong Aurora has developed corresponding professional lighting products for different spaces in rail transit, such as downlights, lamp panels, tunnel lights, modeling lights, etc.rechargeable flashlight manufacturers