LED high power flashlight features


LED high-power flashlight synonyms High-power LED recha […]

LED high-power flashlight synonyms High-power LED rechargeable flashlight is a new type of lighting tool with light-emitting diodes as the light source. It has the advantages of power saving, durability and high brightness. Since the advent of white LEDs, they have been launched, but at the beginning, due to the low brightness, high cost and expensive price of white LEDs, ordinary people did not care about them, and only some military products were promoted in a small amount. With the improvement of the brightness of white LED and the reduction of cost, it has gradually entered the ranks of industrial lighting.

1. The light source adopts imported high-brightness LED, which is energy-saving and efficient. The effective irradiation distance of type A can reach more than 250 meters, and the strong light and weak light can be freely converted.
2. Fully sealed design, waterproof up to 1 meter. The battery adopts high-capacity environmentally friendly lithium battery with long life and low self-discharge rate.
3. The shell is deeply anti-slip treatment, light and beautiful; in addition to hand-held, you can also use the tail lanyard to carry it by hand or a long rope on the shoulder.
4. The charging, discharging and constant current are controlled by chip intelligently, with multiple protections, which are safe and efficient.