The commonality of outdoor flashlights


1. Good waterproof performance Compared with ordinary h […]

1. Good waterproof performance
Compared with ordinary household use, outdoor rechargeable flashlight need to solve the waterproof problem first, so it is best to choose a fully sealed process design with good sealing performance and multiple waterproof rubber ring protection to ensure sufficient waterproof ability. Can be soaked Light hardness aviation alloy shell can withstand strong collision and impact, waterproof and dustproof, can work normally in heavy rain environment, and can meet the work needs of various harsh environments and climatic conditions.
2. Stable performance and high reliability
Outdoor sports need to choose good reliability, can achieve "available at any time, function can be used", and choosing a lighting tool with poor reliability, it is fatal to fail to work at a critical moment. In the most serious cases, it can be life-threatening. Therefore, if it is outdoor sports, be sure to choose high-reliability lighting tools. Stable quality and good environmental adaptability are the first things to consider when purchasing outdoor flashlights.

3. Easy to carry
Outdoor flashlights should be as convenient as possible to carry and light in weight. They can be hand-held or hung on the belt with a hanging sleeve. Carrying out will not increase the load and save physical strength. Outdoor flashlights are best controlled within 100g.
4. Power saving
In the actual use process, a flashlight with strong brightness, soft light, high efficiency and longevity, low consumption and energy saving, and a long range should be appropriately selected. At present, the strong light flashlight usually uses a rechargeable lithium battery 18650 as the power source, and the continuous lighting time of strong light is usually 2.5 hours. This requires us to bring spare batteries as needed. In addition, you can also consider choosing a flashlight powered by multiple batteries, which will last longer.
5. Multiple gears
Many friends who are primary candidates for outdoor flashlights always feel that the operation of multi-speed flashlights is too cumbersome. In fact, if the flashlight has three modes: strong, weak and strobe, the strong light is brighter, and the weak light saves power. It is necessary for the outdoor flashlight to have multiple gears, at least with strong light, weak light, and strobe. Features. It can be switched in time, which helps to dissipate heat and prolong the lighting time of the flashlight. You can choose the most suitable brightness for different purposes such as hiking, camping, searching, etc., while reasonably saving precious power. At the same time, the multi-level dimming technology has also derived many auxiliary functions, such as the SOS distress signal, which can send out the Morse code for help in case of danger, and ask the rescuers for help.