Where is the strong light led flashlight better than the ordinary flashlight


Where is the led flashlight better than the ordinary fl […]

Where is the led flashlight better than the ordinary flashlight? Strong light flashlight is a must-have outdoor equipment for outdoor sports enthusiasts, especially for friends who like night riding adventures, a reliable, stable, high-quality strong light flashlight can make night travel appear safer and have a wider field of vision. Sometimes it can even play a vital role in the danger.
At present, the strong light flashlights on the market mainly include ordinary traditional flashlights and strong light flashlights. So what is the difference between traditional strong light flashlights and led strong light flashlights? 

1. LED flashlight with low power consumption
LED itself is highly efficient and energy-saving. At present, many households are gradually replacing traditional light bulbs with LED light bulbs, which is reflected in the flashlight.
2. The led flashlight is safe and environmentally friendly
The led strong light flashlight does not contain harmful chemical elements such as mercury and xenon, does not produce ultraviolet rays, has no radiation, the current is small enough to provide a powerful light source, the heat is small and the safety factor is high, and the LED has a very long service life, eliminating the need for subsequent frequent replacements Light bulbs and other maintenance costs.
3, led flashlight with high brightness
LED flashlights generally use high-intensity and high-quality light-emitting diodes (dozens of inferior LED flashlights on the market are not discussed here). For the same wattage, the brightness of LEDs is much stronger than that of ordinary flashlights, and the use time is shorter than that of ordinary flashlights. Traditional bright flashlights are strong.
4. The cost of LED flashlights is high   At present, a fatal weakness of LEDs is the high cost of construction, especially for high-quality flashlights, so although the cost of LEDs is expensive, if you invest in the long-term, from the follow-up maintenance costs, lamp replacement, loss, power consumption Considering other aspects, it is more cost-effective to invest in a one-time investment to buy a flashlight of excellent quality that is suitable for you than to buy a general brand of inferior flashlight. Bright flashlight wholesale, choose flashlight manufacturers wholesale, affordable, large quantity favorably. Welcome to inquire, and support sample flashlight processing.