How to choose a quality flashlight


In view of these shortcomings of flashlights, many flas […]

In view of these shortcomings of flashlights, many flashlight companies and manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the practicality and energy-saving features of flashlights. Today, there are many kinds of flashlights on the market. Among them, LED flashlights have the characteristics of low power consumption and high brightness. Highly regarded as the best-selling lamps on the market. But the same LED flashlight is different.

How to choose LED flashlight, here are a few key points for reference:
1. Look at the shell of the flashlight. Most of the shells of the high-end flashlights are aluminum alloy shells. . For some flashlights that require a wear-resistant surface without fading, then use three-stage oxidation treatment. After treatment, the surface is hard, and there will be no traces when scraped with a knife, but the price is relatively high.
2. Looking at the light source, the general outdoor CREELED has a service life of 100,000 hours, a strong irradiation distance, and a slow decay speed. It is a brand-new circuit with optimized design.
3. Look at the welding, the welding should be firm. Each diode is connected to the circuit board by soldering. If there is a bad solder connection, it may cause the lamp beads to affect the overall use.
4. Looking at batteries, ordinary batteries are common, but with the improvement of condition awareness, lithium rechargeable batteries on the market are becoming more and more common. Ordinary batteries, which are not used for a long time, are easy to leak electricity; some other rechargeable batteries have a short lifespan; lithium-ion batteries, rechargeable batteries, have low energy consumption and long lifespan, and can be repeatedly charged and discharged for more than 2000 times, with a low discharge rate.
5. Look at waterproof. A good LED flashlight has waterproof function and good shock resistance, that is, it is resistant to falling. Since it is an electronic product, there is a circuit board on the front of the flashlight, which is prone to short circuit and damage once water enters.
6. Look at the aperture. The aperture of a good LED flashlight is a uniform circle, and the light spot of a poor LED flashlight is divided into two colors of yellow and blue, which are unevenly distributed. Concentrate the light and try to concentrate a little. Unlike ordinary flashlights, this kind of flashlight can adjust the focal length. When purchasing, you should be careful not to have astigmatism. 
7. Look at the appearance, the design is practical and beautiful, and the workmanship is fine, making your trip easier.