The use of lighting flashlights in different scenarios


​1. Walking generally does not need too high brightness […]

​1. Walking generally does not need too high brightness, because the time is long, you can choose a lighter lighting flashlight as much as possible, and at the same time have a longer battery life. In general, the flashlight must have a moderate condenser and light projection. However, it is necessary to accompany the tour guide or a lighting flashlight with a higher brightness and a certain effective range. It is more convenient when exploring landforms.

2. The light projection for rough sleeping must be good, and the brightness requirements are low, but you must choose a lighting flashlight brand product with a long battery life, preferably one that can continue to illuminate for more than a night.

3. Due to the high efficiency of night riding, it is necessary to maintain a good brightness. At the same time, there are also high regulations on the battery life. It is best to be able to continuously illuminate for 4 hours. Light projection is more critical for night riding, and part of the condenser does not need to be over-concentrated. The night rider flashlight is not sensitive to the net weight, so in order to meet the characteristic requirements, a relatively large lighting flashlight can be reasonably selected, and attention should be paid to whether it is conducive to actual operation and whether it is conducive to clamping.

4. The demand for brightness in retrieval is almost the brighter the better, and the effective range is also very critical. Net weight and volume can only be considered secondly, and you can choose a bright and large flashlight.

5. The deep diving lighting flashlight pays attention to certain moisture resistance and stability, the brightness requirements are also high, and the lighting time is sufficient (related to the type of diving sports). The standards for size and net weight are not strict, the hand-held lighting fixture is moderately large, which is good for grasping, and the application and operation are more flexible. switch). Therefore, it is best to have a bracelet with a locking function that prevents changing hands to avoid accidental falling.