Buy a good outdoor flashlight, do not follow the trend blindly


​Nowadays, outdoor camping is not a patent for outdoor […]

​Nowadays, outdoor camping is not a patent for outdoor adventure, it has penetrated into the daily life of many people. It is an up-to-date and exciting new adventure project that allows people to escape the hustle and bustle of modern cities, release stress and experience the wonders of nature. The unique advantages of outdoor flashlights have become an indispensable special tool for outdoor activities to ensure everyone's safety. When buying a good outdoor flashlight, you must choose this point, and you must follow the trend blindly.

Tips.1 Reliability

Outdoor sports lighting flashlights must be "available anytime, anywhere", but if the reliability is poor and cannot be used normally in emergency situations, it will be very dangerous, and in serious cases, it will seriously endanger human life safety. Therefore, high reliability is the main criterion for the selection of outdoor event lighting fixtures.

Tips.2 Waterproof

Outdoors, what kind of unique weather conditions will be encountered, "people have good luck and bad luck", and storms are also very likely. Therefore, in the case of choosing an outdoor flashlight, special attention should be paid to whether it is waterproof and sandproof. It is necessary to choose the waterproof specification to achieve IPX-8. It can be used normally when immersed in shallow water (generally within 2 meters). Don't say it's raining.
Tips.3 battery life

It is not possible to bring many rechargeable batteries during outdoor theme activities, so it is necessary to choose a flashlight with high efficiency to ensure sufficient brightness and a long cruise time at constant speed. It is best to adjust the outdoor flashlight, and different levels can be used according to different conditions. In special cases, the lighting fixtures can be continuously illuminated for more than tens of hours, so that the lighting fixtures can be continuously illuminated for more than a week every night under special circumstances. In addition, everyone can choose to charge the outdoor flashlight with solar battery, which will be very safe.

Tips.4 Brightness

What are the reasons for the complex natural environment of outdoor theme activities? The brightness of the outdoor flashlight is insufficient, and it is very dangerous to not clean the road ahead or observe the surrounding conditions. Therefore, high-brightness photo flash is especially suitable for exploring unfamiliar roads. In most natural environments, the maximum brightness should exceed 100 lumens to meet the brightness specification.