How to choose suitable LED lamps for warehouse lighting


The first thing we must consider is the safety of LED l […]

The first thing we must consider is the safety of LED lamps, and safety is the first priority. The lamps and lanterns are required to have a certain IP level, the electrical circuits are sealed, and the potential safety hazards and failure points are low. Only in this way can the LED lamps work normally and safely.

Zhongguang lamps have built-in cable settings, which are not only convenient for installation, but also ensure that the circuit is airtight, which greatly enhances the safety performance of the lamps and eliminates potential safety hazards!

The LED lamps used in the warehouse we choose have a long life. Because for the warehouse, it is not advisable to replace the lamps frequently, which will increase the cost and is uneconomical. It is best to choose LED lamps with good stability and long life.

In addition to the safety and long life of LED lamps, what we have to consider is the energy saving of LED lamps. For warehouse lighting, it is best to use warehouse two-way lighting. One way can be closed during the day and two ways can be opened at night to effectively save electricity.

We should also consider the illumination requirements of LED lamps, and choose the appropriate illumination. For the illumination requirements of LED lamps, the goods and the labels on the goods should be clearly identified. Because of the high luminous efficiency and high luminous flux of the lamp, the illuminance value fully meets the requirements.

For the selection of LED lamps for warehouse lighting, we should also combine the surrounding environment. At the same time, the effective combination of light source and natural light should also be handled to improve the quality of warehouse lighting.

In addition, the lighting system also has emergency functions: it supports internal emergency lighting and external emergency lighting, and the internal emergency time is 3 hours.