How to choose LED lights?


Tell you how to choose LED lights: Hope, want, search, […]

Tell you how to choose LED lights:

Hope, want, search, touch.

1. Hope: Just look, what do you look at? Do not look dazzling. There are energy-saving lamps or fluorescent lamps in your home, right? After lighting up, look at the LED lamp for a few times, then look at the energy-saving lamp, and feel that it is not dazzling. If this lamp is more dazzling than the energy-saving lamp, then don't buy it. Your eyes will not resist . (When you look at it, change a few more angles, look directly at it, look from the side, etc., and it’s a good light if you don’t dazzle from all directions)

2. To: What do you want? Ask the manufacturer for the following data:

(1): LED chip brand, capacitor, MOS, IC control chip, diode brand.

(2): "Electric light source test report" or "integrating sphere diagram" of the LED light source (as shown in the figure below). Come over this picture, look at the red letter mark, and look at two parameters: display index Ra and luminous efficiency. The display index Ra>80 is required, and the luminous efficiency>100LM/W. Note that it is achieved at the same time, that is to say Ra>80, luminous efficiency>100lm/w, both must be met.

3. Search: What to search for? For the brands of chips and capacitors that are coming, you will know by clicking on Baidu. Look at the reputation of this brand, what is the quality, and what grade is it.

4. Touch: Touch the temperature, the lamp is on for 20-30 minutes, and the metal heat sink part of the lamp is touched. If you can hold it with your hand for about 10 seconds, it means that the temperature is okay. If you hold it for a few seconds, you will feel very hot , Can't resist, then this lamp has a problem with heat dissipation, and the life span is not guaranteed. It is best to have a thermometer to measure it. If the temperature of the heat sink is around 60 degrees, it is dangerous if the temperature is above 65 degrees.