Are outdoor solar street lights waterproof and durable?


At present, the application of solar street lamps is be […]

At present, the application of solar street lamps is becoming more and more extensive. It is inevitable that it will be hit by wind and rain when installed outdoors. Is the outdoor solar street lamp waterproof and durable? How is the solar street light waterproof? Let's take a look with the editor!

The parts of solar street lamps that need to be waterproof mainly focus on the waterproofing of lamps and controllers. The waterproofing of lamps and lanterns is relatively simple, just install the lampshade. But the waterproof treatment of the controller of the traditional solar street lamp should be more cautious, because one of the determinants of the service life of the solar street lamp is the controller. In order to prevent the controller from short-circuiting, it is necessary to choose a better waterproof glue to waterproof the controller . If the effect of waterproof glue is good, the service life of the controller can reach more than 10 years. If the effect of waterproof glue is not good, then the controller may be short-circuited in 3 years or less.
Outdoor solar street lamps have a very good energy saving and environmental protection effect, which is different from traditional lamps. The electric energy consumed by traditional street lamps is generated by other factories. At the same time, it also needs to pay a certain electricity fee. There is also a lot of waste, and it has a very big pollution to the environment, but when everyone uses solar street lights, it is different. As long as it is installed and the solar panels are adjusted, it can also play a very good solar source. Converted into electrical energy, and at this time, it will not cost any money, which shows that the energy-saving and environmental protection effect of using solar street lights is still very strong.

Secondly, when using solar street lights, there is no need to lay underground cables in advance, because when using ordinary street lights, the corresponding cables must be laid, and the cost of laying wire cables is also very large, and it also costs a lot Time, so from this aspect can also understand the benefits of solar street lights is still very much.

So in addition to the two aspects mentioned above, solar street lamps can also play a very good aesthetics, because traditional street lamps need to set up corresponding lines, and sometimes the line is not planned, it will make the whole The road looks very ugly, and there are also certain security risks. But when you use solar street lights, it is different, it does not need to lay the corresponding cables, you need to have a foundation, and there is a solar street light converter, so compared to traditional street lights, solar street lights still have very Good effect.