Which is better, solar street lights or ordinary street lights?


Which is better, solar street lights or ordinary street […]

Which is better, solar street lights or ordinary street lights? Solar street lights and ordinary 220v AC street lights, which one is more economical? Based on this problem, many buyers feel puzzled and do not know how to choose. Let me carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages between the two to see which lamps are more suitable for our needs.

1. Working principle: ① The working principle of solar street lights is that the solar panel collects sunlight, and the effective lighting time is from 10 am to 4 pm (in the summer in the north), converting light energy into electrical energy through control The device stores electrical energy in a pre-fabricated colloidal battery. When the sun goes down and the light is insufficient, so that the solar panel lighting voltage is lower than 5 volts, the controller will automatically activate the street lamp and start lighting. ② The working principle of the 220v street lamp is to connect the main line of the street lamp from the ground or the underground in advance, and then connect it to the street lamp line, and then set the lighting time of the street lamp through the time controller.

2. Scope of application: Solar street lights are suitable for areas with scarce power resources. Since some areas are affected by factors such as the environment and construction difficulties, it is more appropriate to choose solar street lights in this case. There are also some rural and highway center isolation zones. In this case, if the main line is overhead, factors such as sun exposure, thunderstorm electric shock, etc., may easily lead to damage to the lamp or excessive aging of the wire to cause a disconnection. If you go underground, you will also need high pipe jacking costs. At this time, solar street lights have become the best choice. Similarly, in areas with sufficient power resources and convenient line connections, 220v street lights are a good choice.

3. Service life: In terms of service life, if you use LED street lights, the same brand and the same quality, personally think that 220v street lights have a slight advantage, because the LED street lights themselves are very energy-efficient. At this time, in the case of calculating electricity costs, although solar energy No 220v voltage is required, which means no electricity fee, but the cost of replacing the battery every 5 years is much higher than the 220v AC street lamp electricity fee (only for LED lamps, except high-pressure sodium lamps).

Fourth, the configuration of the lamps: whether it is AC 220v street lights or solar street lights, now the mainstream LED light source, because this light source has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, super long life, etc., the light pole of the rural street is configurable at a height of 6-8 meters 20w-40w LED light source (equivalent to 60w-120w energy-saving lamp brightness).

V. Disadvantages: Disadvantages of solar street lamps ① The battery must be replaced every 5 years or so. ② Affected by rainy and rainy days, after three consecutive rainy and rainy days, the battery of the general configuration will be exhausted and no longer provide night lighting. ③ The night lighting time cannot be adjusted online (the lighting time in winter and summer is very different, and when you need to change the time, you must adjust it one by one). Disadvantages of the 220v AC street lamp: ① The LED light source cannot be adjusted for current, resulting in full power for the entire lighting period, and full power is still consumed when too much lighting brightness is not needed in the middle of the night, wasting energy. ②As long as there is a problem with the main cable of the lamp, it is difficult to deal with it (underground and overhead are very troublesome). If there is a short circuit, you must check it one by one. The lighter can be repaired, and the heavy one needs to replace the entire cable. ③Because the light poles are made of steel, the electrical conductivity is extremely strong. If electricity is connected on a rainy day, the 220v voltage will endanger life safety.