Why do I need Emergency Lighting?


In a modern-day building emergency lighting is essentia […]

In a modern-day building emergency lighting is essential. In the event of a fire, it can save lives.

In a poorly lit building, failure to have the correct lighting could result in serious injuries, or even death if evacuating people are unable to easily locate the nearest fire exits.

Failure to provide adequate fully functioning emergency lighting could result in large fines and prosecution for noncompliance.

The exit sign is a beacon that lights life in despair

If outside, their location of a fire situation, I believe that many people will have a feeling of panic. At this time, people’s first reaction should be to want to quickly find a safe passage out of the fire scene. But in such a large building, which direction should we escape from? If you’re in the middle of a fire and there’s a lot of smoke in the air, is there a sense of desperation?

The exit sign is a beacon that lights life in despair. It guards every life in the midst of fire. It has emergency function, even in the scene of a fire, but also can keep working. When there is a fire, it will use the light to remind people of the direction to escape and guide people to escape the scene quickly.

So once the fire occurs, calm treatment, according to the instructions to take refuge, can effectively protect their own safety.

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