What is the difference between landscape lights and ordinary street lights


Nowadays, in urban construction, street lamps and all k […]

Nowadays, in urban construction, street lamps and all kinds of landscape lamps can be seen everywhere. Although both have the same lighting function, there are many differences between the two.
1. The conventional height of street lights is 6-12 meters, and some street lights are 6-20 meters high. But the general height of the landscape light is 3-6 meters, because the landscape light is an ornamental light, it does not need to be too high, the higher the production, the more material consumption, the higher the cost.
2. Different lighting power
The lighting power of street lamps is generally relatively large, in the range of 250-400W, and it should be considered according to the width of the road, the surrounding trees, the height of the light pole, and whether it affects surrounding residents.
The lighting power of landscape lights is relatively small, generally 80-150W, and may be even smaller. Because the landscape lamp has the basic lighting function, its biggest function is to be more ornamental. Its light source power can reflect the overall shape of the lamp, and the brightness does not require too high.
3. Different application places
Street lamps are generally used in urban or rural main roads, secondary roads, urban squares, residential areas and other places, and the lighting brightness requirements are high.
Landscape lights are generally installed in separate areas, such as parks, gardens, high-end residential areas, commercial pedestrian streets and leisure squares. Landscape lights will also appear in many tourist attractions.
4. Different functions
The main function of road lights is to provide lighting for pedestrians and vehicles. But landscape lights only need basic lighting, mainly for ornamental purposes, to decorate the surrounding environment and create atmosphere.
There are not so many kinds of street lamp shapes, generally only a few. However, there are many types of landscape lights and their shapes are peculiar. It can be customized according to the surrounding environment and special needs.