What is HID?


HID is the abbreviation of xenon lamp, which is a high- […]

HID is the abbreviation of xenon lamp, which is a high-pressure gas discharge lamp. It is filled with inert gas such as xenon gas in the anti-UV crystal quartz glass tube, and then the car's 12-volt power supply is instantaneously increased to 23000 volts through the stabilizer. At high voltage, the xenon gas is ionized to generate a light source between the two poles of the power supply.

Xenon lamps have many advantages over halogen lamps, which can be summarized as follows:

1, 3200 lumen brightness xenon headlights, compared with halogen headlights, the brightness is increased by 3 times;

2. The working power of general car xenon headlights is only 35 watts, while the original car halogen lamp is 60 watts, which is nearly 40% energy saving;

3, 6 times the service life, compared with the 500-hour service life of halogen lamps, the service life of xenon lamps can reach more than 3000 hours.

4. The color temperature is mostly blue-white light, which greatly improves the brightness of road signs and signs. Enhance road safety.

Of course, the xenon lamp is not without its shortcomings, and it also has some problems, mainly due to two points:

1. High-voltage electromagnetic interference. If the 23000V high voltage required for startup is not handled properly, it will easily cause abnormalities in on-board electronic equipment such as radios and wipers;

2. The installation is complicated and may damage the original car. Based on the high-voltage start-up characteristics of the xenon lamp, the related equipment is complicated, and installation and upgrade is also a tedious process. Some even need to modify the original car line or destroy the original car equipment.

However, with the development of the industry, the problem has made breakthroughs. For example, Jinhuada ’s dedicated integrated xenon lamp for the car solves these two problems very well. Its self-developed patented technology solves the high-voltage electromagnetic problem that plagues the xenon lamp. The problem of interference, and the special design of the special car makes the installation simple and convenient, without worrying about damaging the original car. Greatly increased the ease of installation and driving safety and comfort.

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