What benefits does lighting bring to our lives


Bright, high-quality electric lights have many benefits […]

Bright, high-quality electric lights have many benefits. Adults can do more things at home at night, and students can study for a longer time each day. In addition to being dim and smoking, candles, kerosene lamps, and butter lamps are also easily knocked over, posing a major fire hazard. The lighting system allows people to have more activities at night, helping to strengthen the relationship between neighbors. Various colorful lights in the festival add a festive atmosphere. The lighting of various neon lights shows the prosperous metropolis. The colorful landscape lights can embellish the city more beautifully. . . . . There are also indicator lights on the airport runway to guide the smooth take-off and landing of the aircraft, railway signal lights to ensure the safety of driving, the lighting lights of various traffic vehicles make it easy to travel at night, the navigation lights guide the course of the ship, and then there are insecticidal lights, which are off.

Mosquito lamps, sterile lamps, searchlights and other special purpose electric lamps have brought us many benefits. In short, the advantages of electric lamps are very many. It is a kind of product that people can't live without.
The campus lighting system uses electricity, which brings you bright summer fan and air conditioning electricity to your life, brings comfortable laboratory equipment to your life, and brings convenience to your study. The first thing you should pay attention to when you can use a computer, boil water and use electricity is to pay attention to the safety of electricity use, to prevent leakage, short-circuit and cause fires and other dangerous situations. Secondly, we must pay attention to saving electricity and protecting the environment, because electric power is still mainly thermal power generation at this stage.
The benefits of electricity to people: provide lighting, such as electric lights, street lights. Provide warmth and coolness, such as air-conditioning, fan. Preserve food and medicines, such as refrigerators and cold storage. High-tech, such as airplanes and aerospace. Electricity brings people motivation, warmth, light, and happiness. The night of human beings is like daytime, not single and boring. Electricity brings mankind the efficient creation of energy for production and life, which greatly develops productivity and promotes the progress of society.