What are solar panels and how do they work


Solar light panels are used for residential and commerc […]

Solar light panels are used for residential and commercial lighting. The solar panel is made of photovoltaic (PV) modules. These photovoltaic modules usually contain high-quality solar cells made of crystalline silicon. PV cells are used to convert light energy received from the sun into electrical energy for use or storage for later use.

How does the solar panel work? Solar panel The system includes many solar (or photovoltaic) cells, and the system is connected or not connected to the main grid. If the system is connected to the grid, a power conditioning unit is used to convert the direct current generated by the photovoltaic panel into alternating current. Depending on the locally installed system, the generated power will be added to the 220V single-phase grid or the 11 KV three-phase grid. The electricity generated during the day is used to power the lighting system. The excess electric energy will be fed into the grid according to its availability. Non-grid solar panel systems require backup batteries, including full-load batteries, power regulation systems and advanced load management equipment.

The solar panel is very strong and wears very slowly. Throughout the year, the efficiency of these groups has only dropped by two percent or less.
In addition to reducing dependence on traditional power sources and fossil fuels, solar panels will not produce greenhouse gases harmful to the environment.

Application areas Solar light panels can be installed in the home to reduce the impact of electricity bills and global warming. Solar light panels are also used in various small tools, such as calculators, watches, flashlights, flashlights, etc. Complex solar light panels are used to power water pumps, communication satellites, etc. Today, most traffic signs and street lights are powered by solar panels.

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