The technical content of landscape lighting products is the intersection of optics


The technical content of landscape lighting products is […]

The technical content of landscape lighting products is the intersection of optics, electronics, structure, intelligent control and other disciplines. Blind lighting and transitional lighting also bring about light interference, light intrusion, and the application of design templates. .

In response to the above problems, in December 2019, the central education leading group on the theme of "not forgetting the original heart and keeping in mind the mission" issued the "Notice on Renovating "Landscape Lighting Projects" and other "Achievement Projects" and "Face Projects". ".

The "Notice" criticized the problems of excessive lighting, achievement projects and face projects. From a long-term analysis, the remediation will further promote the high-quality development of the landscape lighting industry and promote the development of the industry in a healthier and orderly direction.

At the same time, the renovation of excessive landscape lighting will further enhance the core competitiveness of landscape lighting enterprises. For now, my country's landscape lighting industry has not yet formed a national leading enterprise with absolute competitive advantage.

Through remediation, the future landscape lighting project will no longer be just a lighting project, but will include cultural and creative functions, creating a new profit model with lighting as the starting point, and the project construction party will no longer treat lighting as a simple The project is to consider how to generate income through lighting for the owner and the government.

It is worth noting that the renovation did not dispel the hotness of landscape lighting. After the "Notice" was released, the landscape lighting policies of various regions were frequently issued, indicating that major cities are still making normal landscape lighting project investment based on the needs of urban development, image enhancement, night travel economy, cultural tourism and tourism.

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