The main technical indicators of solar LED lights


The parameter index of solar LED mainly includes the te […]

The parameter index of solar LED mainly includes the technical index of solar cell, the technical index of intelligent controller and the technical index of storage battery. Solar LED lights have different uses, so their technical specifications are different.
Fourth, the main features of solar LED lights
The main features of solar LED lighting system are as follows:

1. High efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and safety

It is the most typical green lighting product. When a columnar solar LED is 4W, it can emit energy-saving lamps with a brightness of up to 20W or incandescent lamps of 40W, while the capacity of the solar cell only needs 12W, and the battery pack is only 12A 2V. A report by the Ministry of Education's Photovoltaic System Engineering Research Center pointed out that there are about 50 million outdoor lightings added annually in the country. If solar lights (including LED lights) account for 0.1%, the country can save 7% a year. 100 million kWh is equivalent to sending a 100,000 KW power station to the country.

2. High reliability and long life

The solar cell module is resistant to typhoon, moisture, ultraviolet radiation, and the quality guarantee period is 20 years (it can still be used after 20 years); the service life of LED can reach 100,000 hours, even if it is calculated according to 60,000 hours, the continuous use time Nearly 7 years; the power consumption of the intelligent controller is very low, and the service life is also long.

3. No need for management staff on duty during all-weather operation

4. No power grid

There is no need to erect or bury power lines, and there is no need for AC/DC converters in the system, which is a one-time investment and benefits for life.

5. The power supply time can reach 10 hours per day, and the power supply in continuous rainy weather is generally more than 5 days.