The Best Rechargeable Flashlights for Emergency Use


In situations like searching for the fuse box in a powe […]

In situations like searching for the fuse box in a power outage or checking your car’s stalled engine in the dark, a handheld flashlight is an essential piece of gear. Recent advancements in rechargeable battery technology have made flashlights even more convenient tools.

Rechargeable flashlights come in a variety of sizes, battery types, brightness levels, and capabilities, ranging from pocket models to large, powerful spotlights capable of signaling aircraft. Use this guide for essential shopping considerations, and to see why the following products are among the best rechargeable flashlight models on the market.

Types of Rechargeable Flashlights
Most rechargeable flashlights fall into one of three categories: pocket, tactical, or spotlight. Pocket flashlights are small and convenient for everyday use, often including lanyards, key chains, or other attachment options. Tactical flashlights serve multiple functions, while spotlights are ultra-bright and easy to control.

Pocket flashlights are excellent choices for everyday carry because they are small, lightweight, and convenient. But beware: Not all pocket flashlights guarantee durable, long-lasting performance.

Pocket flashlight designers place diminutive size at a premium, so small models cannot typically accommodate the heavier batteries that provide extended use between charges. What’s more, some manufacturers sacrifice the durability of sturdy materials like alloys, metals, and synthetic plastics to opt for flimsier plastics instead.

The best rechargeable flashlight for pocket carry combines build quality, durability, brightness, and battery power with compactness and convenience.

Tactical flashlights trace their origin to military and police organizations. They’re usually designed to military-grade specifications and constructed from durable materials. Tactical flashlights are bright for their size, illuminate large areas, and are useful in many situations. Some offer functionality beyond that of a traditional flashlight, such as having a strobe light mode.

Tactical flashlights are an attractive option for campers, police officers, soldiers, hikers, and anyone else who needs a bright, durable flashlight that packs well in a hiking pack or toolkit.

Spotlights are ultrabright, capable of a highly focused beam, and typically do not cast light any wider than 45 degrees. They are easy to control and point, often incorporating a pistol grip for enhanced ease of use.

Large designs house heavier batteries, making spotlights the best rechargeable flashlight option for trekking, camping, boating, survival, and other activities with long periods between charging sessions.

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