Technological innovation ability becomes the primary productive force


Technological innovation ability becomes the primary pr […]

Technological innovation ability becomes the primary productive force

Science and technology are not only the primary productive forces, but also the driving force of the progress and development of the times. If a product has an obvious innovation label, then it will definitely win favor in the market. The same is true for lighting companies. If their innovation capabilities cannot keep up with the needs of society and projects, they will soon lose their market dominance. Therefore, we must continue to strengthen product R&D investment and enhance innovation capabilities. This has become one of the effective ways for companies to maintain their leading position in the market.

Similarly, for the market, returning to the development of lamps, quality and safety are without exception the foundation. On this basis, the product is more technically accurate, with high performance consistency, small difference, and good stability. Such a viable product is an advanced iterative journey that modern society must go through. For high-quality manufacturers, they also hope to make more accurate and detailed data parameters, more efficient and energy-saving products, and to achieve more standardized and serialized products, while reducing the development of new appearances, and putting more energy into light effect technology in terms of research and development, realize its own brand effect.

Technology leads the change. I believe that the needs of compactness, brightness, angle, usability, lightweight, higher luminous efficiency, multi-functional combined lamps, etc. will be better solved in the near future.

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