Solid state lighting provides high-quality lighting


As the solid-state lighting technology matures, the qua […]

As the solid-state lighting technology matures, the quality of this lighting is very conducive to use in tunnels. Compared with commonly used outdoor lighting products, LED lighting has excellent color rendering.

Road users and pedestrians attach great importance to light quality. Some cities and public utilities have chosen LED lighting to improve commercial areas, make them more attractive, and increase the sense of security and comfort.

In tunnel lighting, it can be said that the total cost of ownership and visual experience are factors that need to be considered. However, considering the state of public funds, a lower total life cycle cost must be achieved. Fortunately, the development of LED technology has reduced the procurement and power costs of LED tunnel lighting systems. Compared with traditional high-pressure gas discharge light sources (HID), LEDs have greatly reduced life cycle costs, while also having other advantages of solid-state lighting systems .

Superior lighting environment

The benefits of LED lighting in road tunnels are mainly divided into two categories: light quality and reduced impact on traffic flow. The high-quality light of LED lamps is largely due to the excellent color rendering of LEDs. For example, Lumileds' ultra-efficient Luxeon T LED has a minimum CRI of 70, and a common CRI of 20 for high-pressure sodium lamps. When comparing these two technologies, LED-based solutions will produce a more natural environment.

A more realistic display of the colors in the spectrum can help the driver to better distinguish distant objects, better than the orange-brown light produced by the high-pressure sodium lamp. Even under the same absolute illuminance level, the environment will feel safer and more comfortable.

Uniform lighting throughout the tunnel is another benefit of the LED solution. The lens design developed by using advanced optical molds provides a uniform light pattern on the road, neither blocking nor disturbing glare. This kind of consistency is achievable because LED lamps are composed of small but powerful light source arrays that can form beam patterns as needed, for example, using a total internal reflection (TIR) ​​lens on each LED to form the required beam. In the entire space, a smoother and more consistent lighting will be formed, with no black spots or bright spots on the road surface.
Since LEDs are very durable and usually do not malfunction like HPS or MH lights, there is no need to close some tunnels, erect high-rise platforms, etc., to keep the road open.