Rechargeable lamps: how to extend the life of lamps?


As long as the charging lamp can absorb the sun, it can […]

As long as the charging lamp can absorb the sun, it can be converted into electric energy to discharge, reducing a lot of pollution to nature, so how to extend the service life of solar street lamps?

1. Check the wiring of the circuit system of the lamps regularly to avoid loose wiring. Check the grounding resistance of solar street lights.
2. The battery matched with the solar cell components should be used in strict accordance with the battery operation and maintenance methods.
3. The lighting surface of the solar cell module of the rechargeable lamp should be kept clean from time to time. If there is dust or other grime, rinse it with water first, and then use a clean gauze to gently dry the water stains. Do not rinse and test with hard objects or corrosive solvents.
4. In case of strong wind, heavy rain, hail, heavy snow, etc., measures should be taken to protect the solar cell modules from damage.
5. After strong wind, heavy rain, heavy snow or rainy season, you must immediately check whether the panel is moving, whether there is water or water in the control room and the battery box, and pay attention to whether the equipment is working normally after a thunderstorm, and whether the charging and discharging controller is damaged, etc.

To sum up, solar street lights can only work when there is sunlight, and a little blocking of solar panels will affect the use of solar street lights. Therefore, in addition to daily maintenance, solar street lights must also ensure that the solar panels have sufficient light. This will extend the service life.