Precautions for the use of led emergency lights


One is to be used as a normal working light with an eme […]

One is to be used as a normal working light with an emergency function; the other is simply to be an emergency light, usually in the off state. Both types of emergency can start the emergency lighting immediately when the main power is cut off, and can also be controlled by an external switch.
Precautions for led emergency lights

1. Pack the lamp in the provided carton during transportation, and install foam shock absorber.

2. When installing lamps, the lamps should be safely grounded nearby.

3. When using, there is a certain temperature rise on the surface of the lamp, which is a normal phenomenon; the center temperature of the transparent part is high, so it is not allowed to touch it.

4. When maintaining the lamp, the power supply must be disconnected first.

Safety warning of led emergency light
1. The power supply must be cut off before replacing the light source and disassembling the lamp;

2. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the lamp with power on.

3. Wear clean white gloves when checking the wiring or changing the light source.

4. Non-professionals are not allowed to install or disassemble lamps and lanterns at will.