Many cities actively build smart light pole production


The rapid development of the smart light pole industry […]

The rapid development of the smart light pole industry not only allows companies to taste the "sweetness", and deploy them one after another; at the same time, the smart light pole industry has also become an important investment in driving economic development between cities and increasing employment opportunities.

In recent years, many places in China have deployed 5G smart light pole industry development and infrastructure. At present, various cities in China are also vying to build intensive smart light pole production bases to accelerate the development of the local smart light pole industry.

For example, Zhongshan, Guangdong, issued the "Zhongshan City Accelerating 5G Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022)" last year, which proposed to build a "China 5G smart light pole manufacturing base" and build the first smart light pole pilot demonstration area in Zhongshan. With 5G, cloud computing, and big data as technical support, we actively promote the construction of smart light poles that integrate "lighting + monitoring + 5G micro base station".

At the same time, it was learned from the inaugural meeting of Shandong 5G Industry Alliance and Smart Light Pole Industry Alliance this year that Jinan, Shandong will build a 200 acres of smart light pole industrial park in the pioneer area.

The industrial park will focus on the introduction of smart light pole function design, smart control software research and development, accessories and facility production and installation, and build a full-chain smart light pole industry cluster area, using smart light poles as the carrier to accelerate the formation of new infrastructure development and construction of smart cities Clusters provide strong support for the construction of new smart cities.

In the future, with the mature development of the industry and the establishment of standards, the core enterprises of the industry chain will rapidly expand the scale of smart street lamp business, enrich the business coverage area and improve the layout of the industry chain. The industry concentration will become higher and higher, and the light pole industry will break the historical pattern , Forming a national and even global business, moving towards centralization.