Maintenance method of flashlight


Maintenance items of flashlight: ①. When the torch is i […]

Maintenance items of flashlight:
①. When the torch is in use, choose according to the voltage and battery requirements of the torch. Do not use it indiscriminately to prevent burnout of the circuit board. Do not use batteries of different models and voltages at the same time.
②. Heat dissipation skills: During the use of the flashlight, ensure heat dissipation. It is recommended to dissipate heat according to the heating condition of the torch when it is turned on, or turn it off, and then turn it on after the temperature drops to facilitate heat dissipation.

③. Pay attention to the waterproof, moisture-proof and drop-proof of the battery. Special reminder to use the "three-proof" charger with anti-overcharge, anti-reverse connection and anti-short circuit.
④. If the battery is not used for a long time, it should be fully charged and stored. Normally, it should be charged and discharged again in about three months.
⑤. Do not keep the flashlight in contact with sunlight, water, chemicals and corrosive gases for a long time to avoid damaging the protective layer of the flashlight.
⑥. Keep the inner wall of the lamp cup clean. Never wipe it with your hands or hard objects; to remove fingerprints on the lens, use a cotton swab and lens cleaner to gently wipe it.
⑦. In order to keep the "O" ring and thread rotating smoothly, wipe Vaseline oil on the surface 2-3 times a year.