LED flashlight inspection method and precautions for use


Inspection and maintenance methods of LED glare flashli […]

Inspection and maintenance methods of LED glare flashlight:
1. Do not irradiate the eyes directly to avoid damage to the eyes.
2. Do not use over-voltage, the voltage should not exceed 4.5V, the positive electrode of the battery is facing forward, do not put it backwards, otherwise it will burn the circuit board, pay attention to the change of the temperature of the torch, and non-professionals should not open the circuit board.

3. When charging, please look for the positive and negative poles of the appliance, and do not overcharge or over discharge, so as not to damage the life of the battery. Note: The rechargeable battery does not run out of power, otherwise it cannot be charged!
4. When using a flashlight, check that the threads are not loose. If the threads are not tightened, it may not light up or light up.
5. Avoid placing the flashlight in the sun or high temperature environment. After the flashlight is not used, please take out the battery and store it in a cool and dry place.
6. This flashlight is waterproof for life. Generally, it will not cause problems when exposed to rain, but it does not have the diving function. Please do not carry this flashlight for diving or put it in the basin or bathtub for a long time.
7. In order to keep the "O" ring (sealing rubber ring) and the thread rotating smoothly, please wipe Vaseline oil on the surface 2-3 times a year.
Note: If there is a flashlight with a built-in charging function, the charger indicator turns from "red" to "green" when charging, and then it is fully charged. At this time, unplug the charger to stop charging. When charging, do not reverse the positive and negative poles (if you find that the light is insufficient, it is usually about 1/3 of the maximum brightness, please charge it immediately!), otherwise the flashlight may be scrapped (the positive pole with a "+" sign toward the head of the flashlight ). At the same time, please do not completely exhaust the lithium battery. If the brightness is obviously dimmed during use, charge it in time, otherwise it will easily cause the battery to be over-discharged and scrapped.