How do flood lights do outdoor lighting?


1. Parameters and application of circular flood light T […]

1. Parameters and application of circular flood light

The circular floodlight series provides lighting designers with a variety of options in various lighting applications in the architectural environment, such as circular symmetrical light distribution, flood light, asymmetric light distribution and cylindrical light distribution, etc.

2. Parameters and application of square flood light
The square symmetrical light distribution flood light series can be used indoors or outdoors. Their light distribution properties make them a good choice for building facade lighting or even lighting.
Multi-purpose symmetrical square surface mounted flood light, Class I insulation protection, suitable for ambient temperature range -40°~+50°, IP65.

3. Connection of flood light pole and lamp arm
You can choose one pole with one arm and one light or one pole with multiple arms and multiple lights.
There are two types of lamp arms. One is to install the floodlight with the light outlet facing down, which is suitable for illuminating the ground;
The light arm can also be installed on the building facade.
The output of the floodlight can be maximized through an optimized reflector profile, a comprehensive luminaire working position and a low-loss front lens. The reflector design has also been optimized to improve maximum luminous intensity, color mixing and uniformity of beam distribution by using special optics CAE software. The optical control module ensures that the bulb is always in the correct position for a constant output from initial installation to re-installation of the bulb.