How bright can a lighting flashlight be?


The brightness of the lighting flashlight is more than […]

The brightness of the lighting flashlight is more than 5000 meters in visual distance, and the distance between direct rays can reach more than 100 meters, and the maximum brightness is 100 lumens.

The natural environment of outdoor sports is complex, and no one can guarantee what kind of situation will be encountered. When high-brightness lighting is required, it is very dangerous to have enough lighting flashlights. Therefore, a high-brightness lighting flashlight is a standing special lighting tool, especially for the exploration of unknown roads. The maximum brightness of the flashlight is preferably more than 100 lumens.

At the same time when the lighting flashlight is working, the working voltage of the rechargeable battery decreases sharply with the consumption of kinetic energy, the brightness of the basic flashlight also decreases, and the actual lighting effect gradually decreases. The only way to change the lighting is to replace the battery. At this time, the rechargeable battery usually has half the power consumption, so this part of the power consumption is wasted.