Green LED lighting helps to easily complete defect detection


Green LED lighting is especially suitable for manual de […]

Green LED lighting is especially suitable for manual detection of defects on metal parts, glass products, and plastic parts. Do you know why? Don't worry.
● Human eyes are very sensitive to green light, so workers can easily identify blemishes and spots under green light;

● Green light can improve the contrast of the detected object and help manual detection;

● When there is lubricating oil on the test object, the contrast is stronger under green light and it is easier to detect.

LED lighting is easy to install, can be installed in a suitable position and adjusted to the most suitable angle as required, thereby improving the contrast of detection.

Green LED illuminating lamp--Provide light source for the visual inspection of stamped metal

It is a common detection method to find out the tiny defects on the surface of stamping metal through visual inspection, especially for the key A-level curved surface. Fluorescent lights flicker, illuminate unevenly, and often fail to light up instantly. The LED lighting is uniform and bright without flicker, which helps operators improve their performance.

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