A waterproof and durable flashlight is important


In this article, we want to show you that waterproof he […]

In this article, we want to show you that waterproof headlamps are completely waterproof. Our rugged and durable flashlights can cope with harsh environments. Even if some of our lights are only IPX4 rated, they can withstand some severe rain.

We provide real professionals who use our products day after day. Therefore, we set high standards for materials and structures to manufacture flashlights and headlights that can withstand years of rigorous use.

High-quality materials
All our cutting torches and aluminum parts are made of high-strength aluminum. This ultra-durable aluminum material allows our flashlights to withstand drops and even be crushed by cars! In addition to being extremely durable, high-strength aluminum can also be used as a large heat sink. The heat sink dissipates the heat from the LED and ensures the best performance.

Waterproof headlights and flashlights
Fully waterproof headlights or flashlights must reach IP68 or IPX8, while rainproof headlights or flashlights must reach IPX4. You can read more about IP ratings here. In our terminology, a waterproof headlamp or flashlight is a lamp that can be submerged in water (Q3defend as low as 1M or 10M) without any damage. We immersed the S4 in a 1M high glass tube to demonstrate water resistance.

Our waterproof products are completely sealed and will not allow water to enter and damage the lamp. When a headlamp or flashlight is immersed in water to look for bubbles escaping from the housing, this is a sign of water entering the lamp. Some manufacturers do allow water to enter the battery compartment, which means you must wipe the battery compartment thoroughly before continuing to use the headlights. You will not find this kind of solution in any product, because we strive to choose the best solution, not the simplest solution.

Learn how sturdy our lamps are. Or check out our flashlight and headlamp series here.

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