A spotlight is actually a spotlight


LED floodlights, also known as LED floodlights, project […]

LED floodlights, also known as LED floodlights, projection lights, spotlights, spotlights, etc., are mainly used for architectural decorative lighting, as well as commercial space lighting. There are also good ones, because different reasons for heat dissipation and application environment need to be considered, so other shapes of floodlights only have some differences in appearance, but in fact, the principles are the same.

The floodlight is actually a spotlight, so its illumination angle can be adjusted according to the LED floodlight shell, so its use is more flexible, and the general led floodlight shell will have an angle-adjustable scale plate, In this way, it can be adjusted more accurately according to the marking on the scale plate. Compared with other lighting fixtures, the shell of the led floodlight is very compact, so it can meet the needs of a wider range of installation sites, and the shell of the led floodlight is not easy to be damaged during use. The lamp housing has good heat dissipation, and will not heat up because the floodlight is used for too long, and naturally its service life is relatively long.

Compared with other lighting fixtures, the LED floodlight shell can be used without a controller, and the floodlight can also achieve a variety of special illumination effects during use, which is an advanced dynamic lighting decoration that cannot be achieved by ordinary lamps. Effect. Because it is actually a spotlight and has the function of spotlighting, the lighting effect of the spotlight is good, the color of the light is bright, the light is not dazzling, on the contrary, it is very soft, not only suitable for outdoor use, Also suitable for use in home lighting.