5 characteristics of strong light flashlight


1. Environmentally friendly lamps, protect the earth--t […]

1. Environmentally friendly lamps, protect the earth--traditional fluorescent lamps contain a large amount of mercury vapor, and if the mercury vapor is broken, it will volatilize into the atmosphere. However, LED flashlights do not use mercury at all, and LED products do not contain lead, which protects the environment. led flashlight is recognized as the green lighting of the 21st century.

2. Efficient conversion, reduce heat generation - traditional lamps and lanterns will generate a large amount of heat energy, while LED lamps and lanterns convert all electrical energy into light energy, which will not cause waste of energy. Moreover, there will be no fading phenomenon for documents and clothes.
3. Quiet and comfortable, no noise--led flashlight will not produce noise, which is the best choice for the occasion of using precision electronic instruments. Suitable for libraries, offices and other occasions.
4. Soft light and eye protection - traditional fluorescent lamps use alternating current, so there will be 100-120 strobes per second. The led flashlight directly converts alternating current into direct current, without flickering and protecting eyes.
5. No ultraviolet rays, no mosquitoes -- led flashlights do not produce ultraviolet rays, so there will not be many mosquitoes around the light source like traditional lamps and lanterns. The interior will become more clean and tidy.